Friday, April 10, 2020

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frontpage “Oak Kitchen Buffet" 24 Apr 2019


This past winter I completed an amazing project for a good friend. He gave me only a few specifications about what he wanted and gave me creative freedom to build a nice kitchen buffet for him. He told me only that he wanted it to be 72” long and 24” wide. He also told me not to include doors so he could have open space for storing things. I’d already built him and table, and for that, I used red oak to match the style of his place, so I started with solid red oak From there, I used a few of my favorite techniques and came up with this craftsman style buffet with some Greene and Greene influences. It was an incredible project and one of my biggest and most detailed accomplishments. The best part is how much he loved the piece, and it looks great in his place with the matching oak table. What you see here is the finished project. Check out the rest of the project on the next page.

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frontpage “Jewelry Box" 12" Maple & Mahogany Jewelry.

I built this miter & spline jewelry box for a customer. She wanted a long thin box to store her native American handcrafted bracelets. It makes a beautiful display case for the turquoise jewelry. I used mahogany for the base and maple for the top, the spline & the base. I planed the mahogany down to 3/8ths inch and lined the box with 1/4 inch maple. 

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frontpage “Oak Child's Table & Chair” Solid white oak table & chair for kids.

I built two of these cute little tables and chairs for children. I used a self created pattern and beautiful white oak to build this little Craftsman style furniture. It was so much fun to build. Check out the finished walnut and ash version in my gallery. 




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frontpage “Knotty Alder Night Stand" Rustic Look for the Cabin.

I built a matching night stand for the cabin. It is made from knotty alder to give it the rustic look for the cabin in the woods. I used a combination of several different techniques I've used in the past to create this simple three drawer night stand. I used half-blind dovetails for the drawers and they slide on wooden rails. I used tongue and groove for the sides and back. The legs are pretty simple with a stopped chamfer to give them a bit of character. It matches the first one with one small difference. In this night stand, I've created a small secret compartment under the top. The top will be hinged and have a small latch on the side next to the bed.

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