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27 September 2013

27 Sep 2013 - Frog Shop Make-over Part 7

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It was time to plug it in and hear it roar. Where's the cord? Are you kidding me? There's no cord – okay perhaps your reading this going Jay how could you not know this? This was the first 220 tool I have ever purchased. I truly had no idea, and I don't feel too badly since my electrician didn't know either. After several trips to the box stores (man it is frustrating that those guys aren't much help), I finally got all the parts and was brave enough to plug it in. After all of that – every bit of it worth the learning experience – I'm sooo happy with my new saw. After years of being limited by a portable table saw supported by a circular saw, I feel like I have just moved into a new era of woodworking. You can do a lot with smaller tools and perhaps relying on them so long has really made me Jet1appreciate the big saw, but I can never go back.

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